Prefectos in action

How is Prefectos preforming in restaurants? Read our testimonials below to see how our EPOS systems are revolutionising the marketplace

“The software is conversational, meaning our staff are led to ask the right questions to the customers. The system is so simple and easy to handle. Training new staff takes a matter of minutes and with the operational suggestive selling setup, it almost does the work for them. Top service from Prefectos! Nothing’s too much trouble”.

Rangulan (Franchisee)
Roosters Piri Piri, Portsmouth

Managing a restaurant has many aspects – customer orders, inventory, staffing, health and safety procedures. This is where I found Prefectos excelling as compared to other EPOS systems I have used. Prefectos is the only system which manages sales, till, staff rota, inventory tracking. Prefectos Manager App provides me with all the reports I need, allowing me to get rid of all end-of-day paper receipts and manual tracking.

Ahsan Rana (Restaurant Manager)
Roosters Piri Piri, Croydon

“A great benefit of the system is the paperless ordering for our suppliers. At the click of a button we are able to see prices, quantities/pack sizes and order accordingly. This has reduced the amount of time in either telephoning suppliers or inputting time consuming excel spreadsheets which has resulted in many errors before. Orders are now arriving accurately and we are able to focus on delivering great food to customers as opposed to running out of stock. A lot of weight off my mind”.

Pardeep (Franchisee)
Roosters Piri Piri, Streatham

Prefectos has improved our order accuracy – making it simple for the staff to ensure every item is included in the bag every time. It has reduced customer complaints and increased customer satisfaction, simple yet effective!

Mohammad (Franchisee)
Roosters Piri Piri, Finsbury Park