Touch-screen kiosk technology can keep staff costs down and makes ordering fast, accurate and contact-free.

Advanced ordering technology, food safety, staff monitoring and more

Innovation is at the heart of Prefectos. Our technology is designed to make you look good.


Touch-screen ordering kiosks allow customers to browse menu’s and place orders seamlessly. Our kiosk’s help cut down on labour, without compromising on customer quality.

Launch your own branded customer apP

Perfectos allows you to have your own customer app, fully branded and linked directly to your EPOS system.

  • Customers download your app from The App Store and Google Play
  • They can then place orders for eat-in, collection and takeaway, save favourite items and give reviews
  • A loyalty scheme is included that rewards your best customers
  • We’ll help with marketing advice for your app launch.


Keep on top of food hygiene

Prefectos Food Safety makes it easy to comply with food safety standards and legal requirements. With our easy-to-use and intuitive interface, you can:

  • Maintain temperature logs for temperature-sensitive food items
  • Create food labels categorised by expiry date, nutritional information and allergens
  • Schedule and manage tasks such as cleaning schedules, kitchen cleaning schedules, food prep schedules and opening and closing checks.

Make payroll and expense management simple

Prefectos calculates staff payroll from hours worked, captures tax and NI payments, calculates eligible holiday and computes the costs to your business.