Payments, delivery instructions, menus and management data all connected on one platform.

The only system you’ll need

Prefectos is highly scalable. You can start with our state-of-the-art EPOS system and build up to the full restaurant management system where you can:

Make ordering fast and simple

Our modern, user-friendly interface makes taking customer orders easy. Touch-screen display descriptions and pictures help upsell add-ons, sides and drinks and you can customise order flow according to dine-in, delivery and collection.

Create tempting menus

Create and update menus quickly and easily, adding descriptions and photos that sell. Design self-ordering kiosk’s menus and manage multiple menus with different pricing structures for third-party delivery. Plus, you can set up VAT on menu items and generate VAT reports.

Take control of your own deliveries…

Quickly calculate delivery charges, allocate and track drivers and manage payment on delivery. The system can automatically calculate delivery charges and block problem addresses and postcodes.

… and integrate with all the main delivery partners

Prefectos connects seamlessly with Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat so there’s no need for third-party interfaces and receipt printing. All orders received by delivery partners are relayed directly to your kitchen so you can manage all orders on one system.

See your stock at-a-glance

Get an instant picture of your inventory to help manage recipes, print food safety labels, manage allergy and nutritional profiles of food items and track stock and wastage. You can even place direct orders with suppliers.