The Prefectos story

A successful UK-wide restaurant chain needed an effective EPOS platform to streamline their service providing fresh, healthy food for their customers. However, they soon realised they needed more than just EPOS.

Was there a full-service system that could manage an entire restaurant operation? Could one platform manage quality control, food safety and cooking times, as well as organise operations documents, rotas and finance?

After testing the options on the market, none fitted the bill. Until they discovered a start-up company, run by top technology experts, were already building a restaurant management system from the ground up.

So, they decided to team up and design a complete Enterprise Resource System, especially for restaurants. It was clear that many other restaurant owners were looking for the same solution. They set about bringing restaurants into the technology age with a solution that is both technologically advanced and easy to operate.

The result is Prefectos and it is revolutionising businesses nationwide


Our EPOS system has advanced, user-friendly features that connect your front of house with your kitchen instantly.

Why Prefectos:

  • A smart, user-friendly display system that tracks purchases from order to prep and from cooking to dispatch
  • Colour-coded in-kitchen displays that identify orders for dine-in, delivery or collection
  • Fully integrated with all three major delivery platforms (Deliveroo, Uber and JustEat)
  • Fully scalable – start simply, then add features as you need them
  • Optional app available, customised to your restaurant to increase sales and customer loyalty
  • Designed to link with all operational suppliers for multiple brands (such as those with dark kitchens)
  • Precise data reporting available to help you keep close track of restaurant performance and trends to make informed business decisions