Prefectos is your complete,
affordable solution for
EPOS and restaurant

Discover the all-in-one system that restaurants have been waiting for

Why are more and more restaurants choosing Prefectos? Because it allows total control over orders, management and staff. It provides a smooth operation that customers love. And it is the most competitively-priced solution on the market.

Find out what Prefectos can do for you today.

Designed by restaurant professionals

We are technology experts but our background is also in the restaurant business. That’s why Prefectos is the perfect combination of advanced IT and simple operation, tried and tested in the most demanding restaurant environments.


Our EPOS system has advanced, user-friendly features that connect your front of house with your kitchen instantly.

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Payments, delivery instructions, menus and management data all connected on one platform.

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The complete solution for smooth, seamless restaurant operation

Perfectos is much more than a restaurant EPOS. It is a cloud-based management system designed to free up your time so you can focus on what you do best – keeping customers happy and making your restaurant(s) profitable.

Total control at your fingertips

Keep track of your restaurant orders, operation and staff in real-time, wherever you are, on any device. Prefectos keeps you in control even when you are away from your restaurant.


Our mobile app gives managers anywhere, anytime access to vital sales and staffing information.

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Touch-screen kiosk technology can keep staff costs down and makes ordering fast, accurate and contact-free.

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Advanced ordering technology, food safety, staff monitoring and more

Prefectos helps you monitor food hygiene and cooking temperatures as well as staff performance and cleaning schedules.

Prefectos makes restaurant technology affordable

We believe we can’t be beaten on value for money. Find out how little it can cost to give your restaurants the Prefectos difference.

You offer great value for money, so do we. Prefectos is your access to advanced restaurant technology at low cost.

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Insight from Prefectos

Here we share our latest insights on restaurant trends and how technology can help us meet today’s challenges.

What our customers say

Rangulan (Franchisee)

“The software is conversational, meaning our staff are led to ask the right questions to the customers. The system is so simple and easy to handle. Training new staff takes a matter of minutes and with the operational suggestive selling setup, it almost does the work for them. Top service from Prefectos! Nothing’s too much trouble”.

Roosters Piri Piri, Portsmouth

Mohammad (Franchisee)

Prefectos has improved our order accuracy – making it simple for the staff to ensure every item is included in the bag every time. It has reduced customer complaints and increased customer satisfaction, simple yet effective!

Roosters Piri Piri, Finsbury Park


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